Beautiful in All Situations


6:18AM. Sunrise time in Nairobi city. The first yellow hued rays of sunlight seep through the curtains and spread across the ceiling. The soft rays bring warmth to a new day, signalling December is here. The rains have taken a break and in their exit the grass is greener, the air fresher, the days brighter, the mood about lighter and the sky clear as God sees the earth.

I throw off the covers, hop out of bed, put on my slippers, walk to the window and draw the curtains open. A splash of light pours into the bedroom. I stand by the window and soak it all in. I feel an assurance of goodness in the day ahead, optimism in the atmosphere – a song comes to mind. I begin to hum it, bob my head to it, and then I break into song and dance a dawdling grove to Beautiful for All Situations. Click the name of the song and watch it on YouTube. Sing and clap and dance a long. Here are the words to it:

Oh Lord, my God, Jesus

I’ll speak of you Glory,
I will show forth your beauty
If I dance it won’t be enough,
If I shout it won’t be enough (Repeat)

For you are the great and mighty King
You rule in every nation
On Christ the solid rock,
You are worthy to be praised
You are Alpha and Omega, I worship you today
In you I put my trust, You name I will extol

Heaven speaks of your glory
And the earth of your beauty
Your love is new every morning
And your faithfulness is ever sure (Repeat)

For you are the great and mighty God
So worthy to be praised
Your beautiful for all situation
You are the joy of the whole world (Repeat)

Yelele, Uyingwele [You are Holy],
Siyakudumisa [I worship You]
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

For you are the great and mighty God
So worthy to be praised
Your beautiful for all situation
You are the joy of the whole world (Repeat)

Jesus, Jesus my Lord, You are the joy of the world…

~ Joepraize FT Soweto Gospel Choir

Sunny days are my favourite days and you can see why – songs flow easily, dance steps come naturally, I feel happy and warm before a shower and cup of coffee. The sun is free for all to enjoy. It never disappoints. However even on days like these there is still so much sadness, anger, strife, hatred and fear in the world. Brought about by war, prejudice, loss, inequality, sickness, injustice and much more. The daily news is full of information and images that re-enforces this message. Before a shower and cup of coffee these messages come through the air-waves into our bedrooms, living room, dining rooms and make us feel cold and sad before the day has started.

Feel the shift?

This is why I agree with Graham C.L. Davey PhD when he says in an excerpt from Psychology Today:

There are a lot of bad things that happen in the world, and it is probably right that people should know about these things through their reporting in news bulletins. These ‘bad things’ include crime, famine, war, violence, political unrest, and injustice, to name but a few. But there is also an increasing tendency for news broadcasters to ‘emotionalize’ their news and to do so by emphasizing any potential negative outcomes of a story no matter how low the risks of those negative outcomes might be. This is basically ‘scaremongering’ at every available opportunity in order to sensationalize and emotionalize the impact of a news story.

In the knowledge that the proportion of negatively-valenced emotional material in news bulletins was increasing, in 1997 we conducted a study looking at the psychological effects of viewing negative news items. As we predicted, those who watched the negative news bulletin all reported being significantly more anxious and sadder after watching this bulletin than those people who watched either the positive or neutral news bulletin.

We found that these people spent more time thinking and talking about their worry and were more likely to catastrophise their worry than people in the other two groups. Catastrophizing is when you think about a worry so persistently that you begin to make it seem much worse than it was at the outset and much worse than it is in reality – a tendency to make ‘mountains out of molehills’!


Are you jobless, alone and strangling to pay your bills? Sick with worry that you might lose your home? Considering selling your car so you can survive a little longer? And then you find a buyer for the car – you hesitate and reflect on how your life has deteriorated.

Is your child sick and the doctors can’t find the cause? You watch your child waste away day after day. Sometimes during the day you hide yourself in the wardrobe and cry till your eyes dry out – no more tears, so that your family does not see how broken you are.

Has your significant other left you without notice for someone else – younger perhaps? Left you heartbroken and with debt the size of Mt. Kenya? The damage setting you back several years of hard work and sacrifice.

Considering moving back with your parents in your mid-forty’s? Anything that could go wrong, went wrong?

Add your situation…

When it comes to life, no-one is immune to the many bumps and diversions on the road. We all experience our fair share of challenging situations. No matter how strong we may consider ourselves to be, we all find ourselves facing tough situations that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and lost.

In the midst of all of it, take a moment when you wake up, before the daily hurly burly takes over – before a shower and a cup of coffee. Hold off seeking the news headlines. And instead observe the newness of the day, give thanks to the great I Am for what is going well, seek guidance and courage to face the rest.

On days when the morning starts with, yellow hued rays of sunlight seeping through the curtains and spreading across the ceiling. Throw off the covers, hop out of bed, put on your slippers, walk to the window and draw the curtains open. A splash of light will pour into the room. Stand by the window and soak it all in. If a song comes to mind, hum it, bob your head to it, break into song and dance like a bright and buoyant flame; because in this moment all is beautiful.

PS: Did you watch the YouTube clip? No, please do. The melody alone will lift your spirits.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful in All Situations

  1. Pauline, you are very right to say, “When it comes to life, no one is immune to the bumps and cracks on the road of life.” Life has no guarantee that we shall not have ups and downs, but what we know for sure is that if we believe and trust God, He will see us through every situation. ” Even if I go through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou at with me” (Psalms 23:3) God is faithful to His promises.
    Thank you Pauline. You made my day. Sunshine outside and sunshine in the heart.

    Pastor Eunice


  2. Sunshine outside and sunshine in the heart…lovely. That captures it all. You can carry that feeling wherever you are. Thank you too. I hope you watched the YouTube video. It is bound to uplift ones spirit on any day and the tune stays with you.
    Ps 23:3 is my brings peace to my soul. Thanks again.


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