Be Overflowing


Be the overflowing vessel; accompany your words with a smile. If you find a way to feel good find a way to make someone else to feel the same. You can give without a sense of loss, that’s the essence of happiness. The more you give the more your happiness increases. Once you know this truth, it becomes easier to follow your most generous impulses, because you are secure in the knowledge that every aspect of yourself comes from a limitless source.

When we embark on our journey to find joy and fulfil our destiny; our constant travelling companion, our Ego mind wants to know all the details ahead of time. Will we be safe, succeed, how long, what time, enjoy? The Ego mind creates certainty and control, but life is inherently uncertain and can’t be controlled. The good news is that while uncertainty can be unsettling, it is also the source of our greatest joy. As the law of detachment states: in order to acquire anything, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean to have renounced your desires, and live the life of a monk. Instead you set your intention, take whatever action is inspired and relinquish your attachment to the result. In detaching you affirm your unquestioning belief in God, which is a divine expression of your faith.

When you hold on to your desire with limited awareness, of who you really are, you prevent the infinite power of God from bring it into fruition. It is like wanting to use the wind to fly your kite but being unwilling to let go of the string. By opening yourself to uncertainty even if just a little bit at a time, you will gradually release any self-imposed limitations and allow your life’s journey to unfold in ways more wondrous and fulfilling than you could have ever imagined. You will come to realize that there is nothing you can lose that will diminish your wholeness. And nothing that you can gain that can add to who you are.

You are already WHOLE! And so is everyone else. Hold the intention for everything to work out for the highest good of everyone involved and then let go, detach from the outcome and allow opportunities to come your way.



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