A Shift, I feel it and Now I see it.


 A shift has taken place, there is change in the air, hope abounds, I feel it and now I see it.


November started and for the first two or three days I rested and recuperated. And by that I mean, took care of myself and paid attention to things at home. For myself, I enjoyed number two to five from On a Monday Morning. On the home front, each morning for two days, I put on a comfy pair of elastic waist jeans and a cotton top, working gloves and a flower print head scarf. I cleaned out the fridge, the pantry and cupboards, organized the closets and wardrobes, pruned and watered my money plants and the Areca Palms, made a list of tasks for deep cleaning day and another for market day. I moved in and out of the rooms with ease and purpose, completely focused on each task. Sounds a lot… Yes, but I was reclaiming my space after a hectic couple of weeks. Paying attention to each moment made me feel calm and satisfied as I watched my home come into place – a beautiful, inviting, cosy environment.

A person’s inner state can often motivate their external actions. For the overwhelmed person, clutter and disorganization can seem like the natural outgrowth of a busy mind pulled in all directions. The irony is that resulting clutter can lead to even more feelings of stress, just simply by being present. The obvious way to combat this stress is to clean and organize clutter but, to keep the clutter at bay and reduce stress levels further.

When a person is mindful, they are paying attention to each moment in their lives in a calm and non-judgmental way. This can significantly reduce everyday stresses, like those associated with cleaning. Paying attention to one’s mind, body, feelings and mental content can do wonders for the inner state. Best of all, meditating is not relegated to a specific pose, or time of day — it can be done anywhere at any time, even while pushing a vacuum. ~ Excerpt from The Mindful Coach


On day four I was back to work, by this I mean my work routine; heat up a mug of bone soup and sweet potatoes, head to my home office space. Switch on the laptop and as it opens up, I take a fork and bite into a sweet potato and slurp some soup. The pepper in the soup gives it a kick that wakes me up to full attention. I read and return emails, return and make calls, make and book appointments. This is the work life of a self-employed financial consultant who delights in working from home, does personal client contact engagements herself and out sources the other business functions to experts.

A few hours into my routine I slammed back into my chair, take the last sip of the soup, stretched out my arms, turned to my left and looked through the French windows. And I am stunned; I cannot believe what I see. My tree…the tree from The Tree, the one that looked pitiful, alone, neglected, with no flowers and bare branches with a few leaves. I get off my seat and move closer. In a month the tree’s branches had filling up with green healthy looking leaves. It stood proud and majestic.

A shift has taken place, there is change in the air, hope abounds, I feel it and now I see it. I see it in my tree and in myself too. As I watched it, I began to reflect on instances when our lives mirror the condition the tree was in. Where we once flourished and displayed our grandeur, then a time came where we had nothing to show for it. We felt pitiful, alone, neglected and lost. Sound familiar? Or like someone you know? Moments when a version of these words became your daily chant:

 “I started to pray to God… I don’t get it God! But I know you do. I don’t know if this is some kind of joke or what you are doing with me. But I thought you wanted me to have this part and I want to be in the space where I can thank you for the opportunity. But I can’t now. I CAN’T!  IT IS TOO HARD! HELP ME LET IT GO! Help me let it go.”

“Surrender and pray through until you know you are going to be ALRIGHT!”

” Until I see my life will be ok and I will go on and I will not bitter, I will not be angry. I will not hold that for the rest of my life and feel that she got it and I didn’t. I want to have that kind of peace.”

“God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can ever dream for yourself, when you have worked as hard and done as much, and strived and tried and given and plead, and bargained and hoped, SURRENDER. When you have done all that you can do and there is nothing left, give it up; give it up to that One that is greater than you, and let it then become a part of the flow.”

~ Excerpt from Oprah’s Surrender.

You surrender and move on. Then one day, you sense a shift, change is in the air, air filled with hope, you feel it and then you see it.

This is only the beginning. The tree will bloom again, have small yellow flowers that add a burst of colour to its branches heavy with strong green leaves.


5 thoughts on “A Shift, I feel it and Now I see it.

  1. Amen Pauline!!….Amen. I hear you.. & I feel you..Amen! Your blogs..Wow.. I love them. You have been blessed with the command of the English language, so well expressed that what you are conveying becomes alive on your page & dances right before you. Keep on going sister, keep on going..😍

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  2. This is a well articulated article that makes you feel emotionally and spiritually connected to the nature and environment you live in, feel at peace with it and with yourself. Very well written. I will be taking a walk every evening to enjoy the nature God created for us to enjoy.

    Pastor Eunice


    1. Thank you Pastor Eunice. You know I use other pictures to illustrate my point, but this is a real tree – out my window. It is amazing how it never moved or went anywhere to grow into this new season. That is the wonder of nature. A true reflection of faith in the creator in all seasons. It is a great and comforting reminder.
      Enjoy your evening walks. I will join you on this side and enjoy the wonder that is nature.


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