To Eat or Not To Eat, Perhaps Slurp It

Beef broth

Sunday 6:30pm, the sun is setting. I can see the evening shadow creeping into the living room and over the sofa where I am lying. I have been there all afternoon.

I enjoy my Sunday afternoons on the sofa right after lunch, usually after a late lunch. I puff up the pillows for more support and comfort, lie down and then I cover myself up to the waist with light blanket – cream with purple flowers. My mum gave me that blanket therefore I have a special attachment to it; it gives a snug feeling. There on the sofa I read, I nap, I watch a movie, I pray, I meditate, but mostly I nap. It is hard to resist a nap when set up like that and when its gets to 6:30pm, I get up and go. Where to… you ask?

Health, fitness, diet, wellness are words we see, hear and read about constantly; in books, magazines, newspapers, television, movies, videos, music, billboards, texts, social networks, the internet – everywhere; begging for our attention, our engagement, our time, our money. And whenever I am with The Gals, any of them, these are key topics we talk about, sometimes fret about and most certainly get about to doing some of them. Therefore when the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine went to a Japanese scientist Dr Yoshinori Oshsumi for his work on autophagy I was startled and felt a nudge to act. Let me explain with an excerpt from Cell strategy: How fasting makes the human body better.

 Dr Yoshinori Oshsumi’s work has shows how damaged cells self-eat or self-destruct — keeping the body in good condition. The other benefit is that when the self-destruction occurs, there is the inducement of the growth hormone which allows for the generation of new cells.

Autophagy requires the right kind of conditions for it to occur. Nutrient deprivation is the key activator of autophagy. When the body is on a fast mode it signals the brain that there is not enough food available and the body then goes back to stored foods. This condition allows for autophagy — where the cells first attack the old and junky proteins in the body. This happens because the insulin levels in the body dip and the hormone opposite to insulin, glucagon, begins to work in the body. When glucagon is activated, it starts looking for those cells and junk in the body which require to be cleaned. But even the slightest amount of food is easy to shut-down glucagon. It requires completely abstinence from food for 12 to 36 hours which is usually seen in many fasting practitioners. But they must drink plenty of water.

Once autophagy is stimulated, the growth hormone stimulates and it helps to create new energetic cells in the body. It is found to control inflammation and also helps in the process of building immunity.


It has been demonstrated that sometimes we don’t have to eat. Fasting is good for you.

Having mixed feelings? Shaking your head in bewilderment? Acknowledging that there might be days you won’t need to go into the fridge, pantry or cupboard? Read the excerpt again. I had to, to feel its impact; the paradigm shift from eat-eat-eat to eat-fast-eat.

So where do I go to every Sunday at 6:30pm?

I say every Sunday but it has only been four of them so far. I set the alarm or make a mental note so that if I am napping on the sofa I don’t over sleep and miss the moment. I hesitate to say I live for this moment but I have already set myself up – you are already thinking it. I get up from…you know, the sofa into the kitchen, get a three litre glass jug, put it into a paper bag, pick my car keys, put on my shoes, take one quick look at myself in the hallway mirror to make sure I look descent, walk out the door, down one flight of stairs and take a few steps into the car. In less than five minutes I am at the local butchery ordering bone soup. 6:30pm is when I imagine the soup is at its best; after the bones have been cooking on the stove the whole day. Yumyumyum

Drinking bone soup has become the latest health fad, with several health experts calling it a super food. An excerpt from 6 Anti-Aging, Weight Loss Reasons to Add Bone Broth to Your Diet says that, bone broth:

  • Fills you up, without adding pounds. Bone broth is rich, complex, hearty, and soul satisfying. It has virtually zero carbs and very few calories, so it’s sin-free and you can indulge in as much as you want. Translation: no hunger, even when you’re fasting.
  • Packed with the building blocks of collagen. Collagen blasts wrinkles, so you can take years off your face at the same time as you lose weight.
  • Detoxifies your body. Like fasting, bone broth helps cleanse your cellular matrix, energizing and de-aging your cells.
  • Heals your gut. If you’re battling extra pounds, I’m guessing that you also have digestive problems — constipation, diarrhoea, gas, or even all three. That’s because weight gain and digestive problems often stem from a common source: a sick gut. The gelatine and other nutrients in bone broth help heal the gut, curing digestive problems while they facilitate weight loss.
  • Heals your joints. One reason people become overweight is that as they get older, their joints develop wear and tear and it becomes harder to move. So they exercise less and they sit more. Bone broth gives you a generous supply of nutrients that help heal your joints.
  • It’s anti-inflammatory. One of the most important scientific findings of the century is that inflammation underlies obesity. When you break this cycle by healing inflammation with nutrients like those concentrated in bone broth, the pounds start to fall off. Remember this rule: Anything that increases inflammation puts weight on you, while anything that decreases inflammation takes weight off. In addition, dry, rough skin and acne — which are outward signs of internal inflammation — will start to clear up.


Bone soup has been part of our diet for as long as I can remember. Whenever there was a get-together, long side the roast meat and homemade sausages, there was the soup. It was served hot in a large mug with a little salt. Its rich goodness filled you up as you made conversation with friends and family. However, for a long time I had not appreciated its great value. Therefore now my new paradigm is eat-fast-eat-drink bone soup-eat.

I recommend adding a little pepper to the soup, take a little slurp at a time, it will give you a kick that awakens your entire body and warms you up.  Yumyumyum. Cheers.







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