Witnessing a Miracle in Progress.


The watchman passed by several times peering at us.

“What time is it?” I asked.

My friend picked her phone from a small compartment next to the driver seat of her car, it lit up and displayed the time – 10:54PM.

“What?” We both exclaimed in unison.

We had been sitting in her car for about four hours chatting away. However that was not what was odd. What was oddly curious and almost laughable was that for all that time we were parked outside my front door – she had been dropping me home. Instead the stories poured in freely. We eventually parted a few minutes to midnight.

My dear friend PK had earlier in the day picked me from home. She was coming from work and passed by so that we could go for choir practice together; a great idea, practical and efficient. One less car on the road on a Saturday mid-day through an area of town that motorist have nightmares about. A good opportunity too, to catch up on the week’s hurly burly.

This was also the 12th Saturday of 14 that we had dedicated to be part of a fundraising concert in aid of Cancer patients; practicing every Saturday from 3Pm to 6:30PM. Sounds like a chore? Far from it we enjoy the uplifting music, the camaraderie of other 200+ choir members; folk from all walks of life – no singing experience required just your enthusiasm and commitment, with one mission – to support someone in need of Cancer treatment. We call the choir ‘Twa’ which is short for Twakutukuza a Swahili word meaning ‘We exalt you’. Doris Mayoli, a mother of two sons and breast cancer victor founded the Twakutukuza Trust. The concerts are part of the Trust’s activities staged annually in October; the Breast Cancer month and engages various local musical artists.


Cancer begins in your cells, which are the building blocks of your body. Normally, your body forms new cells as you need them, replacing old cells that die. Sometimes this process goes wrong. New cells grow even when you don’t need them, and old cells don’t die when they should. These extra cells can form a mass called a tumour. Tumours can be benign or malignant. Benign tumours aren’t cancer while malignant ones are. Cells from malignant tumours can invade nearby tissues. They can also break away and spread to other parts of the body. Cancer is not just one disease but many diseases. There are more than 100 different types of cancer. Most cancers are named for where they start. For example, lung cancer starts in the lung, and breast cancer starts in the breast. The spread of cancer from one part of the body to another is called metastasis. Symptoms and treatment depend on the cancer type and how advanced it is. Most treatment plans may include surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy. Some may involve hormone therapy, biologic therapy, or stem cell transplantation. ~ US National Health Institute.


PK my friend of many years is one of The Gals; my Chama gal, my gym gal, my gal with a mission. She is stylish; loves and collects beautiful items, a loyal and kind friend; always wanting others to thrive and excel, a dutiful wife and steadfast worker. In 2014 a colonoscopy confirmed she had Cancer in her colon; a shock indeed. Over the next two years she would travel back and forth to India, undergo surgery, take several rounds of chemotherapy, suffer weight-loss, and all the other ravaging effects of the disease. Whenever we chatted over the phone her voice was always strong and in good cheer. Giving us hopes, but surreptitiously we prayed fervently – prayed for a miracle.

This is my third time in Twa and over the last two years as I offered my support to others with cancer my thoughts were with PK. Trusting that this gesture would count on her behalf as well. Therefore for her to be in town, in recovery, again as my Chama gal, my gym gal and in the choir this year alongside us, giving back to so that others may get support,  I offer my gratitude to the Great I AM.

Then there are times when prayers are answered differently. Two phenomenal women passed away this week. Though their bodies were battered by Cancer, their spirits were strong. Now free at last and in peace.

PS: Dear Mr. Watchman, I have a story for you. Sometime when one is going about their business thinking it is just another day at work, this may not always be the case; sometimes one could be witnessing a miracle in progress.








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