Tech know-how to Tech living

ITC ILOI always prided myself as being ‘techie’ person. I love new gadgets, spend lots of money on them. I then spend hours trying to figure them out. The logical flow of menus and operations come easily to me. However I am not a technology expert, by training or any other means. I am just a curious, self-taught, observer and user with a finance degree and a mind for numbers.

I am also a woman of a particular age and lots of people don’t expect me to know and understand as much I do. But I do and my close friends and associates have come to accept this and occasionally seek my help to navigate application and functions. This is why the Mass Open Online Course (MOOC) about Tech@work fascinates me. Companies are moving fast with the revolutionary trend; Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing network of physical objects that have an IP address for Internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. Doug Davis, senior VP of Internet of Things for Council Associate Partner Intel, in an interview with Venture Beat said, “We think this is going to grow to 50 billion devices and trillions of dollars of economic impact. It will change the way we live and work. As we go out talking, we see more companies investing in it. We are making a transformation from a PC-oriented company to one that powers things that are connected to the cloud and everything necessary to make that happen.” Smart cities use mostly IoT technology increasing sensors as they develop, either in installations of LED lighting, transportation and in emerging technology like smart buildings and renewable energy. Recent estimates reveal that there will be as many as 1 trillion sensors connected to the internet by 2022, and there are currently twelve billion devices connected to the internet. It goes on as innovations and options arise. The future is already with us, and we must all rise to the occasion.

This is well illustrated here:  A lady driving long distance on her own and notices a warning that her brakes are worn out and need replacing. An elaborate chain of events is triggered from the car itself to the manufacture of the car to the parts needed. To the location where she can get it on her way without making a detour is incredible. Her safety and that of road users are guaranteed. As a lady driver, this hits home.

Now imagine using IoT for medical care, disease prevention, education, child care, security, agriculture, etc. the world would indeed to a better and safer place – a world, I will be delighted to engage and participate in.




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