Who I am and why I am here?

I have made a career making an impact of the financial inclusion space.  I have a mind for numbers, organizing, techie stuff – a life-long learner. I am a curious person who likes to investigate analysis things and tell stories that stir up constructive outcomes. At the same confident, smart and with a good sense of humour. I enjoy dancing, good food and engaging conversations.

A few months ago I was taking a time out to reflect on life and find inspiration. I was stuck and felt unmotivated. When a friend dared me to create something “…anything” he said, “that will begin to bring focus your passion and get away from a transactional living mind set.” I felt like I had been hit right between the eyes. How was I going to do that? Me? An accountant by training, very logical, a financial consultant with a twenty year career. Industry and community leadership positions, now transform myself into an artist type person? Creating things wasn’t for people like me, we followed rules and logic. This was the case until my mum said “Why don’t you start a blog, you know how to explain complex things in a simple way.” It clicked and the idea was born.

I struggled for a while with what to call it. However after several days of dedicated introspection it became clear.  I want to inspire others to be more.

I am a first-born of a family of four children. When my parents first got married my father left Kenya for the UK for further studies soon after the honeymoon. My mum was left behind to settle in a new home and her teaching position in a teacher training college. There was no hurry to start a family. Everything had to be just right. They were the yuppies of their time. The 70’s were here and Kenya was coming into its own as a nation. The future looked bright and promising. A year passed and my dad returned; man with higher education that came with greater job prospects, prestige and higher income. They wanted only the very best start and they got it. A year after his return I was born. I was expected, planned for, wanted, celebrated, photographed, wine poured, food eaten, visitors came from far and near to see the baby girl that was me. I was loved and I felt it and still do 40+ years on.

I was given much and with that I want to be more and motivate other to do the same. Hence the name of the blog ‘Be More’. The idea wasn’t entirely new to me; it’s been a theme that I have carried with me for several years. It only goes to show that the call to be and assist others to Be More has been consistent. However executing it in this format is new and a journey I trust we can take together.

I dedicate this first blog to Eunice and Sam Ndirangu, my parents.




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