Freedom to Be

What a magnificent feeling when we allow ourselves to simply be who we are. Today we honour the freedom to be. When we accept who we are just as we are, with trust in the power of the Creator, we take an essential step along the journey of life to aligning with our destiny. Uncertainty … More Freedom to Be

Bask in its Warmth

 When one person turns to another and takes the risk of exposing themselves with ‘I love you,’ it’s an invitation to a very special kind of connection. It implies, ‘You’re unique to me. You’re irreplaceable. You are the one I need and you are the one I choose’. ~ Dr. Sue Johnson On life’s journey, … More Bask in its Warmth

The Drive Across Town

Hair combed out into a big afro tied with a black hair band with a matching floral accessory. For jewellery; gold loop earrings, a gold box chain necklace, a rose gold-tone white ceramic bracelet watch and gold bangles. Cute top; white sleeveless with black embroidery on the collars – falling to hip length, black fitting … More The Drive Across Town

Say Cheeze!

Good food, engaging conversations with pleasant company are the most essential parts of an enjoyable and memorable time. My all time favourite moment. For this year’s Christmas do, I was put in charge of making one of the desserts – Pineapple crumble for twenty people. Correction, I requested to make it. It is my much … More Say Cheeze!

Winds of Change

She swished in the wind. Swaying back and forth, front and back, taking in the rays of the sun. Swish… swish… whoosh… swish. A stronger wind blew, but she stood firm. Swish… swish… whoosh… whoosh. Nothing could scare or move her. She was firmly rooted; grounded in assurance that this too shall pass. Swish… whoosh… … More Winds of Change